Petsafe electronic smart door reviews

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Petsafe electronic smart door reviews by customer’s

Petsafe electronic smart door Is The Best Pet Door Made To Date.

Petsafe electronic smart door reviews

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There are quite varied petsafe electronic smart door reviews, so that I will clarify a few things. First, as other people have indicated, there are a few different versions. The original version of the petsafe smart door has a transparent door with an extruded “range” knob, while the newer version has a frosted door with a flush “sensitivity” knob. Some have complained about the previous version. 

I have received the most recent version of the petsafe smart door and cannot comment on it. However, there are three different versions. Lowe’s sells a version of this door compatible with “Iris”. 

The electronic dog door is a replica of the most recent version of the door but can be distinguished by an additional blue LED “4th” as the leftmost indicator labelled “Link”. 

I was lucky, and they gave me the “Lowe’s” version of the door. Therefore, my assessment here is accordingly: this door is excellent. Some complaints about the range, intermittent ID detection failure, magnet strength, bonding, installation, etc., which I haven’t noticed. If there is an area or recognition error, it is likely due to RF interference in the environment. 

Mine works great, and I didn’t “forget” any of the three keys. After experimenting with several different pet doors, this is by far the best-worn model I have ever owned. It stops strong winds and has no problem tying it up or getting stuck. 

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The rigid door makes a big difference compared to the rubber flaps. I made sure the hole was square when I installed it, which is probably a problem for some. Proper installation is a necessity. If the door is uneven or not properly square, I can see a problem with the binding. Mine is built into an insulated steel door. 

Framing and mounting through a wall would not be difficult without the tunnelling kit available separately. The door frame is made of plastic. When the mounting screws are installed, the door may be slightly tooled if the hole, level or square is wrong. That would result in traffic jams or jams, as the door slides into a channel to “lock” it or secure it completely. 

The door is quite quiet, except for a rather strong “knock” when it comes out too unsafe from the canal. It scared my dingo for a few days, but he got used to it quickly. 

Now the two dogs and the cat have learned that “pop” means it’s time to push. Yeah… if you didn’t understand… my four pounds. The cat can easily open the large version of this door, but the wind does not prevent it from being restored. Once the functionality has been explained, I’m going to go into the iris part. 

Just for entertainment, I got the appropriate “iris” hub from Lowe’s, a wireless home automation controller Zigbee and Z-Wave.

This way, you can switch Auto, Locked, and Unlocked modes from a smartphone or PC (local or remote) and control which animal comes in or out (depending on the collar transmitter). You can view the “activity log” in the app or on the Iris website and see which animal came “through the door” or “walked out the door” when.

This is a pretty cool feature with many useful apps, even if you don’t notice it at first. (that is, it is now quite easy to see if children let the dogs out). I should note that although it is not commented on anywhere in the documentation, I have discovered that the internal radio of this door is Zigbee and not Z-Wave. If you buy it intending to use it with a Z-Wave controller, it will NOT work. Lowe is combining these systems with “Iris”, selling Z-Wave and Zigbee devices without bothering to tell you which product is which.

There is also plenty of space inside the device. For example, I wanted to put an alarm sensor on the door, and it was exceptionally easy to add a wireless sensor based on a reed switch to the frame, using one of the built-in magnets as a motivator.

You should incorporate this capability at the gate, but you need too many different versions for compatibility, as there is no single protocol for wireless alarm support. It was very easy to add a Honeywell/Ademco 5800micron sensor. The door has been running on a cheap set of 4 “D” batteries for 2-3 months and has not dropped a bar on the “Iris” battery monitor.

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I would speculate that the version without the iris transceiver has an even longer battery life. I have a 50-pound dingo, a 75-pound Siberian husky and a 4-pound Siamese cat. No one has a problem operating that door. It is solidly built, albeit plastic, and reliable. If you get the correct version, install it correctly, and you are not a complete and absolute idiot, I am sure (from my personal experience) that you will be more than satisfied with the door. That door is worth the $75, 100 or 229.00 (depending on the version) spent on it. It looks clean and works great. 

Suppose you needed to keep your cat inside when you are away (she can go out, she needs to be supervised) but still needed a way to let my dog out. This product is affordable and convenient for this purpose.

Overall the product is so-so. However, it’s affordable, and its locking feature is handy when living with pets at different outdoor times. 

However, the hanging sensor that you put on your pet’s collar that works with the door’s sensor is bulky and hard to get on a leash or a tag without a large ring to connect it, causing the sensor to hang low and within chewing reach. 

The door comes with two sensors, and you can order more if needed. The possible need for two additional extensions is frustrating as heck, and it should all come as one adjustable product. Luckily I just needed one extension. There are two different extensions, adding levels of thickness that build upon the original door’s thickness, so you would need both extensions if your wall is extra thick for a total of 3 products. 

The extensions aren’t marketed and described here, so be sure to read what you’re buying if you need them.

Pros: arrived fast, as expected, within two days. It feels sturdier than it looks. The door wasn’t too hard to put together and install but required some previous knowledge; if it’s your first time, strap in.

Cons: the door and frame look kind of cheap and operates VERY LOUDLY when unlocking and locking. So loudly that it scares my pup (she’s young and is more afraid than my cat in most circumstances) when she’s walking up to it, and the door senses her collar’s sensor.

Features and Benefits 

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4 D batteries power 1. The Battery of The PetSafe Electronic Pet Door. 

At first, this does not seem to be a big advantage. However, battery operation can make installation much easier. You don’t have to worry about rewiring your home to connect your new cat door. At the same time, the door continues to work even when electricity is released. 

Works with all pets As a dog owner, it is almost impossible to limit yourself to a single dog. Your precious puppy must have a friend to keep him company. 

The Petsafe Smart Door is compatible with many pets. Although additional purchases are required, the door works with a maximum of five pets. It also makes the pet door a suitable choice for residential and commercial applications. 

Pet doors with SmartKey technology have been around for a long time and have proven to be a great convenience for many pet owners.

However, the biggest problem with more traditional and safe dog doors is attracting unwanted animals and animals and bringing them into the house. However, this will not be the case with the PetSafe SmartDoor.

This product uses smart key technology built into your pet’s collar. This feature locks and unlocks when the pet approaches and exits the door, significantly preventing the entry of unwanted pests and creatures. 

Water Resistant Design

 Although some pets worry about venturing outdoors in the rain, others stay out for hours enjoying the weather. With this in mind, the SmartKey is encapsulated in a fully sealed housing that protects it from moisture and rainwater. 

Electronic dog door This allows your pet to venture outdoors in adverse weather conditions without pet owners worrying about potential water damage from the SmartKey. 

Weatherproof Seal

 A common problem that affects conventional dog doors is that they are not properly sealed, and water and moisture can enter the house. 

The PetSafe electronic dog door is integrated with a weather-resistant seal to ensure your home stays dry and moisture-free. 

With the wall-mounted dog door, your pet can get in and out of the house without the risk of frequent water damage, such as mould growth, deteriorated structures and water ingress. 

Versatile Installation 

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Most pet doors are typically installed at the bottom of a front door, but this may not be appropriate in some situations. 

What happens if your pet stays in the garage and the only entrance and exit is through the garage door? Well, you could put the electronic pet door on the garage door. However, the PetSafe puppy door offers users a different option. You can fully install the device on interior or exterior doors by purchasing an additional wall kit; users can install the device on a wall. 

The Electronic SmartDoor product was installed easily using the provided template and ran flawlessly for about 2-3 weeks before it no longer worked. I ran the troubleshooter, which seemed to fix the issue for about 12 hours, then the issue returned. 

I then contacted customer service via email, which replied in 24 hours and had me run another type of fix to alleviate the issue that lasted about the same amount of time before the issue arose again.

I replied via email to customer service that the issue persisted and was immediately issued a return RMA (with an apology) and was told a NEW replacement PetSafe SmartDoor would be shipped out and returned the defective one using the enclosed pre-paid shipping label and the same box.

GREAT JOB and they shipped the new PetSafe SmartDoor within 24 hours and provided the necessary tracking information!

The new door was installed and working okay, plus The door was still under the manufacturer’s one-year warranty!

Solution for a purchase 

If you’ve ever installed a pet door, you probably already know that this can be a big task. You might be taking several different trips to the hardware store to get a nut or bolt.

Fortunately, the PetSafe Smart Door is designed to make the installation process as smooth and easy as possible. When you buy this product, you get everything you need to complete the installation. The kit also comes with a cutting template, so you don’t have to guess and measure the opening size you need to cut. Instead, place the template on the door, trace and cut. 

Things to keep in mind A 15-second delay While the PetSafe SmartDoor may be the best dog door on the market, it does have some minor flaws. For starters, the door has a 15-second delay that can easily adjust.

 After your dog enters or exits, the door waits 15 seconds before closing. If your dog or cat is not smart enough and has the right time, they may be able to use this short period to escape. 

innovative Electronic SmartDoor will not be a problem for households with pets. 

Additional purchases for extra pets 

Pets are often happier when they live with their peers. As a result, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to avoid bringing two or three dogs home instead of just one. This special kitten door is compatible with multiple pets. However, additional purchases are required. 

The door itself comes with a single SmartKey. For it to work with other pets, you need to invest in additional smart keys. The flap is a bit stiff. For owners of small dogs or cats, it is important to invest in a small dog door that fits their size perfectly. It’s very easy. However, the PetSafe SmartDoor is a little unreliable for small dogs.

The flap is too heavy and stiff. 

This can make it difficult for small dogs to get through it. In rare cases, small dogs are hit because of the significant weight of the flap on the head. In addition, the stiffness of the flap decreases with repeated use. 

Buyer’s Guide

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Important things to consider When you are want to install an electronic dog gate, there are several things to keep in mind. First of all, you need to make sure you buy the right size for your pet. The best way to do this is to measure your piping from your shoulders to the floor and then find the number of most of your body. When determining what size you need, you should make sure your puppy has an inch and a half to an inch to get through the door. It’s okay if your puppy has to tilt their head to get in, but they shouldn’t have to squat to get through it. Also, do not brush your stomach or shoulders against the sides of the frame. 

a things to keep in mind: 

Sensors: many types of sensors are available depending on your pet. For example, you want to choose a more durable option if you have a wilder puppy. On the other hand, if you have a pool or your dog wants to get wet, you’ll want to choose a waterproof option. There are also different variants of how they are fixed, such as magnet, clip and microchip.

Wall or Door: 

You also have the option of attaching the electronic device to an interior or exterior door. You can also opt for a wall tunnel that allows you to attach the door to an outside wall conveniently. Durability: Dog doors, in general, always focus on safety and longevity. 

the important is to choose a durable door and does not allow intruders, weather, furry friends or strangers. 

Swing or sliding: 

Electronic pet gates also come in a revolving or vertical sliding door. Both have advantages and disadvantages. However, vertical doors are generally easier for your pet to operate, as they are not as careful in general. Seals: After all, you should consider whether the door is sealed on the outer elements depending on the location. 

A small draft from a window can cause significant heat loss in winter. Other than that, a broken dog door can cause drastic increases in heating bills. Therefore, it is important to choose an option with a weatherproof seal. 

In general, work does. More and less: (+) Let the dogs in but keep our goats out. (-) Not for sensitive animals. A strong click can scare sensitive pets. My dogs don’t like it as much as a normal dog door, and the goats coming through our normal dog door don’t like it at all (+) luckily because it takes about 10 seconds to close with a motorized (-) action that is not adjustable.

Goats could follow dogs through that door, but the hardcover is much more stable (+) and stronger (-) than our old soft swing door. (-) If the dogs are too close to the door, it keeps opening or closing. It seems to be more sensitive on the inside than on the outside (-). It isn’t easy to adjust the sensitivity (-) correctly. Batteries fall out too easily from the marks (-) inactive dogs. Despite the inconveniences, keeping unwanted animals away works for our needs. 

The innovative Electronic SmartDoor could undoubtedly be the best dog door in the world. The door isn’t perfect, but it’s getting closer than any of its competitors. The door provides great peace of mind even to the owner of the most worrying pet. Besides, you don’t have to worry about being bullied. The PetSafe Pet Door does it all for you. Once the installation is complete and your dog gets used to the door, they can come and go freely. PetSafe SmartDoor makes SmartDoor a great investment for any dog or cat owner. 


Large (for Rotti/Shephard mix)

Sturdy (for frequent, hard use)

Secure (Keeps indoor cats in, wildlife/burglars out)

Easy to use

Very convenient

Manufacturer service (offered troubleshooting, then 50% off new product)


High battery usage (replace 4x D-Cell frequently). Keeping unlocked during the day will slow this (we did for 2yrs)

After five mo’s in Auto setting in the day (lock-in night), it started progressively malfunctioning (locking in open or shut)

By six mo of Auto setting during the day, Internal malfunction required resetting in AM to open and PM to locked.

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