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In this article we will talk about Burga phone case reviews, Burga cases are high-quality and stylish. The Burga phone case is easy to install and remove and fits well with the iPhone 6/6s/7/8. In addition, the Burga phone case is made of shockproof material, which can perfectly protect your iPhone from dropping, hitting, and other hard impacts.

Burga Phone Case created by Ray Santiago. Available in Black/White, Black/Gold, or Black/Red. Click on the image to check out the Burga phone case.

Burga phone case reviews

The Burga phone case is a stylish accessory for your smartphone. The deep-engraved pattern of the Burga phone case gives it a unique look and feel, which you can’t get from any other phone case—featuring a slim design and flexible TPU material.

Burga phone case is a durable and slim smartphone case. It is made of transparent TPU and hard PC material, which provides good protection for your iPhone X.

Burga is a new brand on the market of phone accessories. They make their products with very nice quality materials and high-quality printing. Burga cases are available in 9 different colors for you to choose from. The cases are light, easy to install, and, most importantly, durable.

Burga phone case reviews customer review 1:

I like the Burga phone case, a simple and elegant phone case. Although I was hoping in the photos that the cover would be a little more eye-catching with some glitter quality. At the same time, I expected the case to look more durable and less thin. Overall, it’s a nice case, but I could have bought a better phone case at a better price. I can only hope that my money will be worth it!

Burga phone case is fits perfectly but is not difficult to put on. The protection seems to be okay. Also, it kept its finish. I thought it would probably erase it after about a week or so. It’s a little tricky to turn the ringtone on and off, and I don’t have big fingers. I’d rebuy it.

  • This Burga phone case has two parts: black rubber and a complicated piece (the designed piece).
  • There are silver volume and power button coverings.
  • The mute button, speaker, and charger port are all exposed.
  • The Burga phone case is thick with both parts on. Both pieces snap together to secure, and the buttons are easy to press with the case on. The design is straightforward, doesn’t look pixelated or printed onto the case either. I have an iPhone 8, and it fits the phone well.

Burga phone case reviews customer review 2:

I a Ordered Burga phone case, but I don’t love it. It looks pretty; the marble design looks good, more stunning than any other marble casing I’ve ever seen. I wish the hard part were around the phone, hoping it had better coverage around the edges.

The top and bottom edges of the case are only exposed to silicone, and I don’t feel like my phone is safe after a fall, and the silicone around the openings on the bottom moves fast when you touch it. It isn’t enjoyable because it is not solid and stable silicone.

In addition, the cutouts in the speaker holes do not center the holes but rather touch the edge of the holes. Also, after a while, I could feel and see that the back of the case was getting dirty.

The design gladly hides it, but I’m not too fond of it. Buy it for the look, but it’s not as durable as I’d like. Hopefully, you will have more stable silicone and the hard case around the phone when you update the case. I will buy another one if the company can do these updates.

I own several iPhone cases for my 12 pro. This is probably the last one I will buy. This is the most unusual case I have had. It’s adorable. It looks and feels protective. The edges around the screen are raised enough to protect it. The case is hard and is a little heavier than some others. However, it feels like it will hold up well for the long haul.

My Burga phone case reviews

 I love the Burga phone case. I found the perfect pearl phone case over a year ago, and I haven’t been inspired by any since. UNTIL I saw the designs, Burga was making, especially this one! 

I am a VERY visual person. I like nice things, and I usually want them to go with my everyday style, including my accessories. The ads on Instagram immediately lured me to the Almond Latte case, the beige leopard print case. From there, I stumbled upon the new Shades of Earth collection, where I found my beloved “So Lush” suitcase, which has all the ambiance of the Beverly Hills hotel to me.

Snap cases cost $25.95, and hard cases cost $31.95. Considering how expensive phone cases can be, these are super affordable and of good quality for the price. In addition, they currently have their summer sale where you can get BOGO FREE for all their covers! 



The snap case is my favorite. Why? I’m pretty easy with my phone, and I like to put it in my pockets when I can. The ultra-slim and lightweight case allow me to do this, as it doesn’t add bulk to my already large phone. In addition, the snap-on case sits right over the edges and protects the screen when the phone is face down. 


This Burga phone case is for all those phone droppers or for people who need a little extra protection without losing style. The Burga phone case Comes with a soft silicone inner layer and a hard plastic outer layer. Even if you like a thinner case, this type of case can be beneficial. It is ideal for travel or any other day when you have your phone outdoors and on the go. Whenever I go somewhere, I usually take a million pictures. Of course, the more you put your phone in your purse, the more likely it is to drop it. This is the perfect time for one of these hard suitcases. 

TO BE CLEAR, WHEN YOU BUY A HARD CASE, ALTHOUGH THE SILICONE LAYER AND THE PLASTIC LAYER CAN BE SEPARATED, YOU CANNOT PUT THE PLASTIC CASE ON ITS OWN AS IT HAS A DIFFERENT SIZE TO ABSORB THE SILICONE. Also, you cannot put a snap case on top of the silicone layer made for heavy-duty cases due to the size. I hope it makes sense! 

The essential thing is that I have two cell phones. One is personal, and the other is for work. Although both phones are important and need protection, my phone is similar to my work phone as I experience many things on my blog there. 

I use my cell phone to read, send emails, shop, write, take pictures, etc. It’s my life! And it would be a big inconvenience if something happened to him. And what’s worse is that I would kick myself if I had avoided the damage caused by a phone case and screen protector. And, of course, my phone has to be as stylish as the rest of my outfits. 

Two phones, one girl 

I have iPhone SE, and my phone is a Samsung Galaxy S10+. My work phone only needs a case, but it doesn’t have to be anything special, so I just bought a case for it. The snap-in Emerald Pool is a good case for the whole year, in aesthetic terms, but especially for winter. 

Also, a lot was going on when you bought two phone cases, two different cases were free, so it’s effortless for me. On my mobile phone, I like to change according to the season. And of the four boxes I ordered, three were for my Galaxy. 

The Tough in Tropical Garden, both very summery, but the green can be used all year round. And I also have the Snap ion Purple Skies for my Samsung. This is My Type Burga offers two types of stylish covers: snap-on and sturdy. 

I ordered Burga phone case, and after seeing the difference personally, I prefer the hard case because it is a little heavier while the clasp seems thinner. I also think I could use the rugged protection when I go to the beach or do other outdoor activities. And the covers come in these pretty black velvet bags for you to store your extra bags. 

BURGA is a pioneering fashion and lifestyle brand in Europe. Your goal is to inspire and empower people to express their style with our high-quality tech accessories and some top-notch phone cases for your mobile phone. They kindly sent us two cases to search for the iPhone 12. 

They have a wide range of cases for other devices, cases for AirPods, and more, and they look like actual quality products, which is nice to look at. 

We have two cases to review, and the first is the Classy Marble iPhone 12 case. 

It is a case that looks excellent quality and is not cheap that you will often find for sale on other websites costing five euros, etc., and as the saying goes, “buy cheap, buy twice” There’s not much to say when it comes to checking phone cases other than the quality and materials used and then hundreds of tests of Drop, it’s easy to see the quality too cheap here, and these cases are high quality and look great on your phone. 

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