3 best waterproof cast cover for swimming (Customer reviews)

Bloccs Waterproof Arm Cast Covers

best waterproof cast cover for swimming

Welcome to this best waterproof cast cover for swimming review. We will provide customers thoughts about this cast cover swimming. Read these reviews to have an idea before you buy this products.

best waterproof cast cover for swimming Customer Review 1:

Be sure to measure your child’s arm before purchasing this product. My son is 11 years old, and I ordered the child’s size 4-7, which fits him perfectly. We had a waterproof case, but you shouldn’t submerge it in water for long periods, so I bought this cover for extra protection. This product works great when used correctly; we have found that you need to make sure that the rubber is fully stretched on your arm and smoothed on top. Any rolling or crimping at the top end and the airtight seal may not be completely sealed.

The rubber has been tight on the upper arm for the last 2 inches or so. There is no way around it. I’m sure it has to be that way to make an airtight seal. It takes a while to get used to, and it’s not 100% comfortable. My son had to take “breaks” from the product by removing it for about 20 minutes and then putting it back on. If you read the leaflet, it says you shouldn’t wear it for more than 60 minutes without taking it off and resting your arm a little. However, after all this, this product is a godsend. How anyone can rate this product based on comfort is a mystery to me.

Your child has a cast, and you want him to play in the water. It’s not the ideal situation. However, you can make lemonade out of your lemons with this product. My son broke out in gym class TWO DAYS before we were supposed to take a more extended weekend trip to an indoor water park. The trip had been planned for months and included another family. I was faced with the prospect of him sitting on the sidelines and watching the other children pass the time of their lives while he was seated, unable to participate.

Thank God for Bloccs and Amazon’s 2-Day Prime Shipping. Thanks to this product, my son was able to PLAY in the water park… IN A SINGLE CAST!!! It’s incredible to me. He drove EVERY SLIDE (the glove part of the waterproof cover is like a mitten – not sure if he put his thumb on the thumb part or not, but the rubber is soft.

My son could quickly grab the grips of pipes, pool ladders, etc. – he had no problem holding or using his hand covered), he could SWIM, could SUBMERGE HIS ARM completely in the pools, had a blast. Was it perfect? No. Would you have preferred not to have a broken arm for the trip? Absolutely. But that was beyond our control. FORTUNATELY, this company had a solution for us. 

My son had a smile on his face all the time! As a mother, it doesn’t get any better than that. I highly recommend this product.

Customer Review 2:

My 7-year-old daughter broke her arm five days before we went on our tropical vacation and cruise. It was particularly traumatic for them, as we had big plans for the waterslide and pool on the boat, as well as for ocean swimming and snorkeling. So my search began on Amazon to find the answer to our dilemma and stress.

I ordered the Bloccs waterproof full sleeve on Wednesday, and it arrived two days later so we could take it with us for a test drive in our shower and bath. Both experiences let her dry! We were very excited. The real test came aboard the boat when she lowered him down the waterslide to give a whirlpool. Still dry, in the pool for two hours, still dry! 

Then we got him in and out of the surf for 3 hours in the ocean of Cortez, and he resisted swimming and even rolled between the waves and the sand. I love it. I love this purchase.

Thank you for helping save our daughters’ holidays and alleviate our anxiety. I would give these 100 stars if possible! The only drawback of the cover is that it has to be fitted at the end to keep the water out. My daughter first complained that it was tight and was getting a little sore.

After using it 2-3 times, she didn’t complain about how tight it was or because it stretched a little but was still waterproof or just used to the feeling of tightness. For reference, my daughter is seven years old and wears size 7 in her clothes. Therefore, we order your full arm size 4-7. I used the size chart provided by Bloccs to measure the length of my daughter’s total arm drop and the diameter of her arm at the top of the cast, and the size we ordered fits perfectly. 

DryCorp Waterproof cast cover for swimming

Customer Review 1:

I read most of the reviews; some negatives talked about holes, easy to break, and stuff. So with all the information I’ve collected and tested from the reviews I ordered. We went on a beach vacation with cousins and feared the idea that my 9-year-old son would miss most of the fun and games. This is our data. C (my son) broke his toe and has been in a boot below the knee for 2-3 weeks.

Most of the reviews were meant to be used on a cast, like most products I’ve found. It looked like it fit over a boot, and it did! First, I took a pillowcase and covered the trunk. This should protect the cover of any part of your boot that may cause tears. Fold the extra material around the boot to make it flat.

I took the waterproof medical tape and wrapped it around the calf to keep the pillowcase in place when we put on the protector. Muscle was needed to stretch it over the boot. It is made of a slightly thick rubber material. I didn’t try to wear myself like a sock. We collect it as far as possible so that the cover does not slip over parts of the boot that could cause cracks.

This next step was added after a bit of trial and error: The airtight opening is the only tight part of the entire lid (until you pump the air). My son is nine years old, so that it could have been faster, but that would have made it impossible for him to get through the trunk. It was not adequately sealed on the first day and let water in. This is the part we’ve added.

I used waterproof medical tape and helped achieve a better seal by hitting the top of the cover on his skin. I’ve done it twice around his calf. He then used the pump part to blow out the rest of the air. I kept the pump handy throughout the day to give it a few pumps to keep the seal in place.

My son could do body surfing on the beach! He walked through a water park most of the day without damaging the sole. It has a rougher surface on the bottom to add some traction. We took care of it and took it off at the water park as soon as the day was over so he wouldn’t walk through the parking lot with him.

This cover saved our holidays!!!!! He could do anything (beach, pool, and water park). I highly recommend this. Just use a little common sense to prevent cracking and waterproof medical tape for easy opening and its ability to “seal.” I don’t know what we would have done without him! Thank you, DryPro, for saving C.

Customer Review 2:

This product is fantastic. Pharmacy models are a waste of time and money. I bought this from my father for father’s day. My father was losing weight and injured his leg. A bruise resulted in a wound that is still in the process of healing due to diabetes. As a result, he can’t train and has returned to more than 350 pesos.

Swimming works for him, and he likes it very much. He’s got a pool in his house, but he couldn’t use it because of a wound. What looks like a simple device moved mountains in my book. The fact that my father can do anything other than sit in a chair and do something he likes is priceless. That thing brought him back to life.

Her doctor also asked her to bring the product to her next application, as she is very interested in it for other patients and herself (she has a leg wound as well). I honestly thought it would be another mistake, mainly because of its size and low cost, but I was wrong. This product is invaluable given the physical and emotional benefits it had for my father. Thank you for this product! 

Bloccs Waterproof Leg Cast Cover

Customer Review 1:

We are delighted with it! When our almost-four-year-old son broke his tibia on the trampoline on Mother’s Day, we thought our summer had to end before it even started. Then a friend recommended that we buy a Bloccs cast lid. We measured his leg and purchased the minor leg cover.

He’s not a little boy, so I was worried he was too small, but he’s perfect. It covers its entire cast with about 3″ that you can work with at the top. I was in the pool many times with him and could sit in the bathroom every night without the plaster getting a little wet. He doesn’t even move when he walks on our deck to play with his brothers. This cover saved our summer and my sanity. 

Customer Review 2:

I know he was a full-legged kid, but according to the measurements, he was perfect as a midleg protector for a slender, long-legged adult woman. I tried it after the Limbo Protector waterfall (shower water reached average limbo growth leg size and slim limbo size for UK 10); although it was an NHS recommendation, this protection saved a life! The material reminds me of a swimming cap and is very soft, flexible, non-slip, and waterproof.

I remembered that I had previously cooked my hair in a shower cap with my own sweat steam, so I wrapped my synth with a towel and covered it with this protector so that even after a month of use, there were no holes due to the sharp edges. It was also very comfortable as the towel inside kept dry.

When I lifted the cast on the edge of the tub and rested, it was non-slip like a yoga mat and a padded towel, so it was very comfortable and lying down in a bath. A relaxing shower was possible when I felt my ankle fracture swelled when sitting on a shower stool, less pain and less risk of clots blood due to the increase.

With this relaxing idea, my bones healed faster than the family doctor estimated. Thank you for this great product, and I appreciate the detailed measurements of the actual diameter and length in the listing, which were very helpful. A great product! Relaxing bath time promoted good sleep and quick healing in my case.

Customer Review 3:

I NEVER write reviews, but I can’t recommend this little magic enough. My 5-water baby broke his arm last week, four days before our vacation. He lived by the pool when we left, and I was afraid for nine days of having to keep him busy in the heat without getting wet.

The reviews sounded too good to be true for this little gem, but I thought it was worth a try, even though it only allowed her to paddle her feet by the pool. As many have mentioned, this is a 2-man job, especially when my little man’s break is relatively new. It also has an entire arm print, so carrying it over the elbow was a mission! I recommend rolling it on itself, then letting a person stretch it as much as possible and put another hand.

Once you’ve placed it on the cast, you can start pulling it by your arm. My little one noticed that he was pinching his skin, and I thought the game was over when he tried to turn it off 2 minutes after putting it on. However, when he realized his only means was to get wet, we put it back on him, and he left. As much as we tried to get him to stay in the depths, he didn’t have any of that, and within 10 minutes, he was completely submerged.

The moment of truth came 90 minutes later! I sincerely hoped that the top was wet as the rubber was slightly bent and rolled up, but his whole arm was dry! We are only on the second day of our holiday, but I am so happy with this product that I wanted to reassure other parents facing a holiday with a broken limb that works! We chose the age of 4 to 7 years because I just shot, it was higher than the average of 5 years, and although it is tight, as I mentioned earlier, I think the larger size would have risked letting water in. 

Water Proof Leg Cast Cover for Shower

When I was expecting foot surgery, I bought this boot to make the shower more accessible. It does not disappoint.

I have worn it repeatedly for the past six weeks, and it still doesn’t show any wear, nor has my bandage or cast been moistened in the slightest. It would fit over heavy post-operative dressings from the tip to the middle of the calf (although it took us two to put it on a soft, bulky application) and then over several subsequent molds of the same cover (which I can easily do).

I’m currently in a vast trunk tire, so it doesn’t fit in the trunk, but the box is removable, so I removed the chest and wear the lid over my minimal bandage. The cover looks just as good now as it does now. The elastic seal has stretched almost to the width of the ring to which it is attached, but it fits my leg once it is over the cast to complete the seal. While it fits perfectly, it won’t be awkward when showering.

I thought it was okay to have it a few weeks before I had to replace it. Now I think I can use it for the surgery I need on the other foot and then pass it on to someone else. After showering, I dry them outside and hang them comfortably on the shower tray until next time. Whether I take a quick shower or a long, hot shower with this waterproof cover, I don’t have to worry about it. I would not hesitate to recommend this product to you. 

Customer Review 2:

First of all, I’m not interested in writing reviews. I read reviews all the time, hate to write them. That should tell you how much I want you to buy this product! My friend tore his Achilles tendon and liked to shower. It’s significant pain with your cast. I probably would have kicked him on the street if he hadn’t had that; not really, but maybe.

The pictures make it look like the part that holds the foot was made of hard plastic, not that. It’s like a thick vinyl plastic. Almost like a swimming pool floating material.

However, it is thick plastic. It doesn’t smell perfect like plastic, but it disappears after two weeks. It’s also a big boot. However, I’m not sure why they did that because the tiny hole lets in so much foot. Now let’s talk about the little blue spot at the top. It has a silicon-like material (the gray part), and the blue ring is hard and thick plastic.

The hole is about the size of a roll of toilet paper or toilet paper. It extends almost to the blue circle, but it takes some muscle to do it. I am not the most athletic person I know, but I am healthy and can do almost ten push-ups.

The only thing recorded about it is that he took the ace bandages out of place when I had the temporary cast (which has ace wraps). If I had a complex form, we’d be golden. It would be much easier to put on and take off. In general, it is very waterproof and does not let water into the plaster! I think it’s going to take a long time, too. It’s high quality for your money. 7 people found this helpful 

Customer Review 3:

I’m in love with this waterproof leg cover. When I first put it on and took a bath with it, I was happy that I cried. When I was deprived of independence to have a product like this so easy to use, it helped me feel a certain degree of freedom and not so helpless. I was hesitant to buy it because of the few negative reviews, but I had an excellent experience.

The lid has a perfect seal that does not allow water to enter. I take a bath with it because I can’t stand it and immerse it in the water without any problem. The plastic is thick and of good quality. I have been using it for almost a month, and I am delighted. I would recommend it to anyone who needs to regain some independence and enjoy showers and baths without worrying about water getting into the plaster. 

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