Best electric garage heater 120v (Customer Reports)

1- Comfort Zone CZ220 5,000W (Amazon Best Choice)

electric garage heater 120v

Electric garage heater 120v Customer Review 1:

I’ve read a lot of reviews about different products like this electric garage heater 120v. Some cost much more and others much less. But you won’t find a better deal than this. I chose this one in particular mainly because of a critic’s claim that it was pretty quiet, and it is. But after I got it, I realized how well built it was. 

This thing is built like a tank. Nowhere does the cabinet get very hot or hot. And I found that there were some interesting features that weren’t even mentioned in the ad copy. Several people complained that other heaters did not have an “off” position; this one did. The thermostat turns it off completely. Some people complained that the thermostat is unipolar, which means that it only breaks one side of the 240 circuit. This is bipolar, but I get it. 

The thermostat does not control the high current of the heating element, it uses a bipolar solid-state relay. How cool is that? In addition to the thermostat, it also has 3 heat settings; 3,000 4,000 and 5,000 watts.

Here’s another feature that I think is related to technical quality. Many other heaters like this only have bare heating coils. The bare cable has a very small surface area from which heat can be transferred to the air. This heater looks like the Kel rods that are pressed onto the radiator fins, similar to an air conditioner condenser or an evaporator coil. This provides many times more surface area to transfer heat to the air. KEL rods don’t get too hot (they’re not red) like bare coils, so they don’t waste energy heating the coils red-hot. 

Now a few words about the installation. First of all, DO NOT believe another reviewer who said they need a 25-amp circuit breaker. Not only is he wrong, but both common sense and the manufacturer claim that a 30 amp circuit is required.

That means both 10 ga. wire and a 30 amp circuit breaker. And even then, both the cable and the switch are heated after prolonged use. It’s not hot, but it’s hot. Some people mentioned the use of a separate service switch. The instructions do not mention it and this unit CAN BE turned off. I installed one.

I used an industrial 30 amp bipolar switch that looks and fits like a traditional light switch. It costs about $11, but cheap if you want a 240-volt switch. I also recommend using strands that run in a fixed or flexible conduit. 10 ga. Solid wire is VERY difficult to process, especially if you choose a switch. 

Now about the heat. Remember that BTU is BTU. I tried replacing my propane heaters because when it gets really cold, they just pump too much moisture into the air for my non-insulated metal business. In time it will isolate itself. I have used propane heaters up to 70,000 BTU to warm up quickly on cold days, so the more than 17,000 BTU of this heater is not a fair comparison.

But how well something heats up probably depends as much or more on weather conditions and insulation. My store is about 625 square feet and even with 2 other 120-volt heaters, it hardly gets hot (14-foot top roof too). So I kept the best until the end. What better recommendation is there besides asking for another one? I hope 35,000 BTUs will be enough for most conditions, at least until I isolate them. I’m going to plug in the second one to make it portable as I have a rugged 10/4 cable.

Electric garage heater 120v Customer Review 2:

This heater works great. The build quality is excellent and it is very well designed. My ammeter showed 13, 17 and 21 amps at low, medium and high. I use it in a 16×24 pole barn with 10ft blankets. The insulation consists of rmax foam sheets of only 1/2″ thick on walls and ceilings with coating and sheeting and heats the tent well, 65 degrees in a day of 30 degrees at medium temperature.

Read some complaints about the low power of the fan, it is definitely not a problem, it is the right size. Thumbs up on the thermostat. I’m so glad I came across this one after trying two others that had 120 volts. Do not waste time doing this, it is worth the installation of 220 volts. Very happy with the purchase. I haven’t been paid for this opinion. 

2- Portable Electric Garage Heater Newair

Newair Portable Electric Garage Heater

A master point heater for your rugged workplace: 

The NEWAIR Portable Garage Heater is ready to use right out of the box: take it out and plug it into a standard 120V outlet. Designed with your comfort in mind, this garage heater features a grip handle, sturdy and sturdy feet, an adjustable tilt head and a lightweight construction that will give you extra warmth anywhere in your garage or construction site.


The NewAir Portable Garage Heater features durable stainless steel coils, a high-quality heating solution that can resist dust, dirt and mildew and can withstand prolonged use in tough workspaces.


The easy-flow wind support effectively directs the air from the blower through the heating coils and directs heated hot air flows evenly into the garage or work area. With a forced fan power of 116 CFM, this master bulb heater delivers a big impact in areas of up to 170 square feet of space.


The high temperature protection feature eliminates the risk of overheating to keep you safe while working in your garage, barn or workshop. The Cool Touch case allows you to move your heater on time effortlessly without the risk of accidental burns, even when fully operated at high temperatures. 

1. High performance spot heater for garages 

Let winter put an end to your hobbies in the garage and in the workshop! The NewAir 120V Ceramic Portable Electric Garage Heater is built to last with a rugged housing that can withstand harsh conditions in any workspace. 

2. The portable 120-volt plug and play design

 allows you to use this portable heater in any standard outlet so you can stay warm anywhere. The lightweight body has an integrated travel handle, while the compact design makes it easy to pack at the end of winter. 

3. The fan and the heating plate come together to generate fast heat.

This portable heater combines the efficiency of a ceramic hob with the power of a 200 cfm fan to provide a steady flow of warm air into your workspace. The fan directs air over the hotplate to eliminate cold spots.

4. Adjustable heat right where you need it most

This portable garage heater has a convenient tilt head to heat up to 160 square feet of personal space on site. Choose between two heat settings to control the power of your heater. You can also adjust the temperature precisely to your heating needs. 

5. Smart Safety Features

This garage heater has an internal thermostat and automatic shut-off feature that prevents overheating. The outer shell is also designed to make you feel fresh and prevents the possibility of accidental burns.

3- Portable Electric Space Heater

Customer review 1:

this electric garage heater was delivered to my lakeside cabin in northern Maine this week. We don’t have heat or low insulation and we usually go to Florida until mid-October.

Our drop was 37 last night and our little warmer made me feel very comfortable as I read late into the night. When I went to bed, I brought the 5 pound heater into the room and was very comfortable all night. I’m impressed with how much heat this little heater produces and I’m impressed with a simple safety feature… when the machine is not upright, a simple gravity switch turns off the power and eliminates the risk of fire. I’ll order two additional units tomorrow. A great solution at a great price. 

Customer review 2:

After a test before winter, everything seems to be fine. It is a solid and well-designed product, and I hope it will work as expected. To be honest, I won’t know for sure until the return date is over, so we’ll see if I’m happy or angry:) I’ll post a follow-up after the cold comes.

By the way, this does not have to heat up much space; only on my computer, which is next to a large sliding glass door that tends to allow drafts. But at a low level (one of its beautiful multifunctional beauties), it seemed to work smoothly. After a little use: It works great and I would like to add an operating tip. Don’t put it too close to you and think it’s getting hot. It’s not true. If you are sitting in a chair and the unit is on the floor, place it about 3 feet apart; otherwise, the heat will pass under you. If you allow these 3 feet, the heat will rise on you. I hope that helps.

4- Mr. Heater Safe Mobile Heater

A customer says: We have a 45-foot toy van and the rear garage is not very well insulated and the heating openings don’t work as well there. I bought two of them for Christmas and took one there and used the other by my son’s bed. These things were amazing. Because two of them were low (so the fuel would last most of the night), the thermostat almost never flipped and our stove was barely working.

It was below freezing on New Year’s weekend and these warmers kept us comfortable. We camped for a week and I was afraid we would blow up our big liquid water tanks if we kept the stove running too long. They helped us save LP. I bought a large box of smaller fuel canisters at Home Depot and we used one per piece every night. It’s perfect. The only drawback is the flame exposed in the element. Our family has always had Australian shepherds and they are very smart.

We inherited the golden retriever from my mother-in-law and it’s the first time we’ve ever had a dog with a tail. She’s totally loyal and a great dog, but mute like a bag of hammers. She loved the comfort of lying in front of those warmers, but twice on that trip she caught her cock on fire. Nothing bad has happened, but it seems that this could cause something terrible. Or maybe I’m too worried. 

Electric garage heater 120v Customer reviews 2:

After I almost froze to death in my cabin last winter, I swore: “Never again! “So I bought a Mr. Buddy and eight 1-pound propane canisters this year and I put it on my booth long before the start of the season. Last weekend I walked to my booth at 5:15 a.m. at 30 degrees. It’s not too cold for some of you snow-lovers in Wisconsin, I know… but it’s really cold for that Texan kid. Get on my 4×6 stand (with metal roof) and the first thing I do (after leaving the rifle and backpack) is to turn on that little heater. It was screwed into a propane container, pushed the pilot down and ignited on the second attempt.

Press and hold the pilot for about 15 seconds, then set it to a low level. And then he sat back and waited. About 5 minutes later, I took off my jacket and long-sleeved thermal shirt. Then I watched the frost melt on the windows. In 15 minutes, it was pleasantly warm, even when two windows had broken a few inches. The only setback? The fight against the sleepy is waiting for the sun to rise and the deer appears.

5- Electric Space Heater

Electric garage heater 120v Customer Review 1:

It’s November so it’s not “dead in winter” yet… but the heating is working as previously announced and I will update this test if colder weather produces an inconvenience. However, I will repeat what a previous reviewer said, and that’s better if the information (at least the thermostat temperature setting) was displayed on the front, not just the top. That’s right, it’s easier to tell if you’re above it, but if it’s in your bedroom in the middle of the night, you’ll need to be around to see the temperature or fan settings, and that negates using the remote control for anything other than turning on/off.

I plan to use it in the living room so it won’t be a big deal. I like that it is taller (a few inches) than many other heaters that I have also checked with the seller. I had a delivery issue that the seller’s customer service department resolved quickly and COMPLETELY. Well done!!! 

Electric garage heater 120v Customer review 2:

Amazing, I love the flames that spins and keeps me warm. The heat is great, I feel cozy and elegant. The price is worth it. It has a great height. I tried Topsy and was impressed. The timer also works just as well as the fan, which is a good distance away. I keep it roughly in the middle of the living room, which is about the size of a bedroom. The only thing is that the remote control could be more detailed since the screen is still five stars if you don’t like it very much.

electric garage heater 120v Customer review 3:

I use this heater in an old house with a lot of draft and have found that it works well for what I need. There is a slight smell of plastic coming from the heater, but no problem when I set it up as the air in this area flows so freely. I would not use this heater in an enclosed area for a long time because of the smell of plastic. I don’t have any complaints about the price. It’s better than using a kerosene heater every day! 

6- Dr. Infrared Electric Garage Heater

Electric garage heater 120v Customer Review 1:

I highly recommend this heater and the company that supplies the product. If the first installed heater turns off on high after 2-3 minutes, it worked well at low temperature. When I called the factory, my call on the second or third ring was answered by someone who could really help me.

After talking about it, they asked me if I would mind changing a circuit board. Since the heater was wired, I accepted and the circuit board arrived in 3 days. Unfortunately, it did not solve the problem. When I called again, my call was answered again on the second or third ring and I was able to speak to the same person.

He told me that they would send me a new unit that arrived in 3 days and that the new one was working fine. The heater gives off a lot of heat and the fan is very quiet both high and low. I’m not one to write reviews, but the service I received was outstanding. 

Electric garage heater 120v Customer Review 2:

I replaced a smaller 5k cube with this one in my 25x25x9 ft workshop. It’s partially isolated. This usually lasts when it’s very cold this winter. I still need bigger (and would love gas), but this was the easiest solution to install close to the panel. You need a 40 A circuit. Don’t listen to reviewers who say otherwise. When in doubt, read the instructions. – The quality is definitely better than my $150 cube in terms of build quality and fan.

– The bracket is good, except that the instructions say the back cannot be within 12 inches of the back panel… well, this is a wall or ceiling mount. When mounted on the wall, it points in the opposite direction to the wall (not parallel), and therefore it is IMPOSSIBLE to reach this distance. It’s more like 9″.

Well, I’ve noticed that the ambient temperature inside the unit is rising and the unit shuts down too soon if there is not enough space behind it.

Even with 3 feet behind (hanging from the ceiling), I had to remove the temperature sensor and hang it. It’s still not enough. I really need it further from the device. – Installing a remote thermostat is not well explained in the manual, and a call to the company did not get me anywhere. When they asked me about the amperage I need for a thermostat, they told me it doesn’t work that way. Uh, yeah, it does.

Not knowing from the wiring diagram what is in the “controller circuit”, I have to assume that in the event of a breakdown, a full consumption of 33A of the thermostat is possible. I didn’t want to run the measuring wire to a remote thermostat. Why can’t I connect a remote low-voltage temperature sensor? I could guess and use a lower-rated thermostat found here, but it didn’t seem to be safe without more information.

– The device turns on randomly by itself. That’s right, I went to the barn SEVERAL times to look for her when I KNOW I left it with the remote control. The first time I looked at it, I turned it off with the remote control, came back the next day and it was on again. It’s crazy. I have to cut off the power during the off-season. – I’m very happy with the noise level although others complain. Other than gasoline, I would prefer a larger unit, but I wasn’t willing to spend more money then. I’m happy with that for what I spend. 

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