Airpod max reviews in 2021

We will cover in this article the most questions that people’s ask airpod max reviews, $549 is a lot of money, but if you live in the Apple universe, these airpod max are worth it. The sound is fantastic in all genres of music. They project a wide soundstage and just the right amount of bass. I can listen to them for hours with great comfort and without my ears sweating. These premium headphones live up to the premium price.

Airpod max reviews

Apple surprised us in December 2020 with the AirPods Max, the high-end over-ear headphones that have been rumoured for at least two years in development. The AirPods Max are the first Apple-branded on-ear headphones that Apple has developed.

Similar on-ear headphones were sold under the Beats brand, but AirPods Max joined AirPods and AirPods Pro as Apple audio accessories. AirPods Max features oval earmuffs with a U-shaped inverted point net headband and woven mesh ear pads.

The design of the headband allows you to distribute the weight evenly and reduce the pressure on the head. It also features adjustable arms to fit a variety of head sizes. Apple calls the headphones a “revolutionary mechanism” for balancing and distributing pressure, attached to the headband, and each earpad is designed with acoustically engineered memory foam to create a seal for surround sound.

The earpads are magnetically attached to the headphones and are replaceable, and the Apple ear pads are sold independently. AirPods Max comes in five colours: silver, space grey, blue, pink and green, all matching headphones. 

The connectivity features of Apple’s ecosystem are striking. Your phone, computer, iPad, etc., easily recognize, connect or switch from one device to another without any hassle. The apple AirPods max battery life is solid. 17 hours approximately with a fast-charging option. The audio quality is fantastic. Clear highs. The shocking means and the solid foundation definitely. Noise cancellation is the next level, including transparency mode, making it easy to switch back and forth.

The AirPods Max headphones are comfortable and perfect without background noise. The music sounds perfect! My only mistake was the condensation under the auricles after listening for a while.

I have to admit, I thought everyone was throwing garbage at Apple until I saw it myself. Now I just wanted to fix the apples and say anything, but they’re so close that even Apple said they did it when they were ordered. I’d hate to wait weeks to get another pair in case mine breaks. The next series of these that do, or if they solve condensation, I will definitely get them. It’s too early to know what the future of AirPods max looks like. Until then, I will return to the AirPods Pro.

Apple max headphones review the best wireless headphones.

How good is the sound? 

I’m getting an ASMR response from so much music now. I feel the bass on the soles of my feet. AMAZING SOUND. I have high-end in-ear and over-ear headphones from Sony and Bose, and the sound quality of this set impressed me. Track your head, so you always feel enveloped by the sound. Wow! 


Yes, they are heavy but extremely balanced and comfortable. Besides my ears sweating because they form around your ear and make you feel part of the music, they amaze the other way around. Also, my ears don’t itch or hurt after long periods of use. 

Airpod max reviews Quality: 

By far the highest quality headphones I have. The magnetic earbuds you need to replace if you like them or are colour-coded are great. Ease of Use: If you have Apple products, this is a cakewalk. I can easily switch between devices by walking towards them or taking them out. 


The transparency button is great. Click on it, and you can hear yourself and the world around you, as well as your music. I love the crown dial. You’re not playing with anything. 

Did I mention the sound? 

I think it’s worth every penny. I don’t mind paying for quality because I’m an audiophile. If you can afford it and you’re an Apple user, you’ll love to like them. I can dance and bounce my head, and they stay in my head. No regrets. I’d buy them again. 

AirPods max sound quality

Super expensive but worth it. The sound is great, almost scary. I use it with meetings, Apple TV, iPhone and iPad. The first experience with spatial and good audio with Nexflix. 

Computer audio makes streaming music sound like part of my FLAC music. For meetings, the microphone is great; and I’ve never had better noise cancellation. Excellent controls to turn on/off the volume, Siri and NC. I was stressed about the costs, but now I’m totally satisfied. 

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